“Empire” lamp

“Empire” lamp. Designed and handbuilt by Senti Studio.

“ZigZag” lamp

ZigZag lamp. Designed and handbuilt by Senti Studio.

“Vita” lamp

This is the “Vita” lamp, designed and handbuilt by Senti Studio.

The Mountain Ring

The Mountain Ring. Made with Oak Wood. Original SENTI Studio design.  

Wooden bike #2

The second wooden bike designed and built by SENTI Studio. More elegant and sturdy than the first one, its streamlined design gives it the look of a modern…

LANTA lamp

Lanta wants to celebrate the antique history of the design of the lantern. Lanta is a lamp that is able to achieve effortlessly its goal of being vintage…

Camera Shelf

This shelf was created to house a 15 piece camera collection. Handmade in Oslo, Norway, 2015.

Wooden bike #1

La prima is the first wooden bike prototype of SENTI Studio. Rough, classic and fully functional. Handmade in Oslo, Norway, 2015.  

“Where are you from?” – Portrait series

Federico   Live   Luca   Maria   Claudio   Benedetta   Simone   Maren   Alex Daniella   Helene   Clara Greg   Federico   Emiliano  …

“The very last time” – Short Film